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Total Eclipse: Solar Research Thrives in Darkness

Scientists study our turbulent star and its dynamic relationship with Earth.

Finding the Universe's Missing Matter

After decades of coming up short, scientists have finally discovered what was hiding in plain sight.

Cassini’s Closing Act

One of NASA’s most iconic missions comes to an end.

Eclipse 2017: Darkness Is Coming

Millions of Americans will watch our sun disappear on August 21.

Solar Eclipse Geometry

What's happening in space and on Earth.

How Big is the Biggest Possible Planet?

Last week, a team of astronomers reported the first potential discovery of an exomoon--a satellite orbiting a planet around another star. Part of what is so striking about the report is the scale of this possible planet-moon system. In this case, the "moon" appears to be about the size of Neptune; the planet it orbits is some 10 times the mass of Jupiter, or about 3,000 times the mass of Earth!
The system pushes at the limits of how we normally categorize objects in space and invites question

Everything Worth Knowing About ... Auroras

Colorful shape-shifters of the heavens.

Everything Worth Knowing About ... Asteroids

World killers. Life builders. And they could be worth trillions.