Articles from Discover Physics & Math

Everything Worth Knowing About ... Auroras

Colorful shape-shifters of the heavens.

Everything Worth Knowing About ... Asteroids

World killers. Life builders. And they could be worth trillions.

Degrees of Separation

From life after death to life under the seabed.

What to Read This Summer

The lords of the sea, the next mass extinction, code breaking and more.

What if We Discovered an Alien Civilization Less Advanced Than Our Own?

Readers of this blog know that I'm a big fan of Quora, because it lets non-experts raise the kinds of speculative questions that don't normally come up in formal scientific discussions. One frequent theme that comes up is the issue of what we would do if we found intelligent life on a planet around another star. A recent posting in particular caught my eye: "What would we do if we found an Earthlike planet with intelligent life that is 500 years behind us in technology and advancements?"

The Universe According to Emmy Noether

In the early 20th century, a young mathematician developed a theorem. Eventually it would become a bedrock of modern physics and used to discover new particles and better understand black holes.

TRAPPIST-1 and the Seven Exoplanets

Water could exist on all of them.

That Word You Heard: Syzygy

When it all lines up just right.