NASA Coverage of Neil Armstrong Service at National Cathedral

NASA will provide special live programming of the public memorial service at the Washington National Cathedral to honor the life and career of astronaut Neil Armstrong at 10 a.m. EDT, Thursday, Sept. 13.

Letting Fungi Munch on Violin Wood Makes for a Better Sound | 80beats

Infected wood, soon to be carpeted in white fungus
File this under “news luthiers can use”: A Swiss materials scientist reports that siccing certain species of fungi on wood intended to be made into violins can result in instruments with superior sound quality, purportedly as lovely as that of a Stradivarius.

New Life for Gravitational Waves in Space? | Cosmic Variance

Last year we brought the bad news that NASA had pulled back from the LISA project, an ambitious proposal to build a gravitational wave detector in space. The science reach of LISA would be amazing, teaching us a great deal about black holes, general relativity, and cosmology.

High-temperature superconductivity induced in a semiconductor with Scotch tape

An international team has developed a simple new technique using Scotch poster tape that has enabled them to induce high-temperature superconductivity in a semiconductor for the first time. The method paves the way for novel new devices that could be used in quantum computing and to improve energy efficiency.

Physicists devise means for observing single atom interference over coherence length

(—Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico have succeeded in observing the interference of a single atom over a distance far greater than its coherence length using lasers and sequences of light pulses. As they describe in their paper they've uploaded to the preprint server arXiv, it's the first ever such direct observance and opens the door to offering evidence of the existence of non-Newtonian gravity at the micron scale.

Electron magnetic moment calculated precisely

(—An electron, as well as other subatomic particles with an electric charge, is actually a little magnet—it spins like a top, giving it its own magnetic moment.

NASA to Host Mars Curiosity Rover Progress Teleconference Sept. 12

NASA will host a media teleconference at 2 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, Sept. 12, to provide a status update on the Curiosity rover's mission to Mars' Gale Crater.

Meet An Astronaut: Public Invited to NASA Langley Open House

NASA Langley Research Center is holding an Open House event to celebrate its 95th anniversary on Saturday, September 22, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Soyuz Landing Coverage Planned for NASA Television

Soyuz Landing Coverage Planned for NASA Television

NASA Orbiter Observations Point to 'Dry Ice' Snowfall on Mars

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) data have given scientists the clearest evidence yet of carbon dioxide snowfalls on Mars.


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