Laser-based acousto-optic mapping: Next-generation design tool for loudspeaker designers

NPL has developed a laser-based acoustic mapping technique, collaborating with PMC loudspeakers to adapt the technique into a valuable design tool.

Watch This: International Space Station Behind the Scenes

You may be familiar with the celebrity home touring show Cribs, but this video takes the concept of home tours above and beyond. No, really. It's a tour of the International Space Station with astronaut Sunita Williams as your guide. She (and her big, zero-gravity hair) bounce around the space station to reveal all the crazy perks that don't show up in the NASA photos.

Williams demonstrates how to lift weights in a weightless environment and how to sleep without laying down. The "fridge"

Soft nanoscale 'Lego' built in the computer

Scientists have developed a new method for the construction of building blocks at the nanoscale.

Researchers propose improvements to recommendation engines based on particle physics

(—A trio of researchers has uploaded a paper they've written to the preprint server arXiv describing a way to improve recommendation engines, using principles from particle physics. The idea, they say, is to use crowd avoidance to maintain a resource's value.

Integrated dual-mode active and passive infrared camera

Researchers have found a way to integrate active and passive infrared imaging capability into a single chip, opening the way to lighter and simpler dual-mode cameras.

Mathematical breakthrough sets out rules for more effective teleportation

Theoretical physicists have shown that quantum law of 'entanglement' may hold the key to eventual teleportation of quantum information. Now, for the first time, researchers have worked out how entanglement could be 'recycled' to increase the efficiency of these connections. The result could conceivably take us a step closer to sci-fi style teleportation in the future, although this research is purely theoretical in nature.

Bringing fusion electricity to the grid

The European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) has published a roadmap which outlines how to supply fusion electricity to the grid by 2050. The roadmap to the realization of fusion energy breaks the quest for fusion energy down into eight missions. For each mission, it reviews the current status of research, identifies open issues, proposes a research and development program and estimates the required resources.

High-voltage vacuum power switch for smart power grids: World's first successful power switch using diamond semiconductor

New technology may contribute to a new energy strategy for offshore wind energy, efficient power transmission across the Japanese archipelago, and more.

NASA To Test Bigelow Expandable Module On Space Station

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver announced Wednesday a newly planned addition to the International Space Station that will use the orbiting laboratory to test expandable space habitat technology.

Accreditation Open For NASA Landsat Data Continuity Mission Launch

Members of the media planning to cover the launch of NASA's Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California must apply for accreditation by Feb. 4.


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