New approach to cosmic lithium in the early universe

Astrophysicists have explored a discrepancy between the amount of lithium predicted by the standard models of elemental production during the Big Bang and the amount of lithium observed in the gas of the Small Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy near to our own.

Watch This: Super-Strong New Gel is Also Super-Stretchy | 80beats

The gel doing an impersonation of a trampoline in the video above is a new synthetic material from Harvard engineers, a substance that stretches to more than 20 times its length and can withstand more force than human cartilage, the resilient tissue that cushions our joints.

Clearer look at how iron reacts in the environment: New way to study electron transfer in semiconductors shines through rust

Scientists have developed a the first way to watch electrons hop in semiconductors. This opens research possibilities for premeditation, solar cells, batteries, hydrogen generation, catalysis.

Looking for Extra Dimensions at the LHC | Cosmic Variance

Phd Comics, channeling physicists Daniel Whiteson and Jonathan Feng, explains how the LHC isn’t anywhere near done yet. Now that the Higgs(like) boson has been found, we’ll be looking for all sorts of other things, such as extra dimensions of space.

Scientists cast doubt on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, formulated by the theoretical physicist in 1927, is one of the cornerstones of quantum mechanics. The principle has bedeviled quantum physicists for nearly a century, until recently, when researchers demonstrated the ability to directly measure the disturbance caused by measuring a property of something, and confirm that Heisenberg was too pessimistic.

Towards computing with water droplets—superhydrophobic droplet logic

Researchers at Aalto University, Finland, have developed a new concept for computing, using water droplets as bits of digital information. This was enabled by the discovery that upon collision with each other on a highly water-repellent surface, two water droplets rebound like billiard balls.

Mathematicians offer unified theory of dark matter, dark energy, altering Einstein field equations

(—A pair of mathematicians—one from Indiana University and the other from Sichuan University in China—have proposed a unified theory of dark matter and dark energy that alters Einstein's equations describing the fundamentals of gravity.

Rust never sleeps: Observations of electron hopping in iron oxide hold consequences for environment and energy

A multi-institutional team has directly observed electron hopping in iron oxide particles, a phenomenon that holds huge significance for a broad range of environment- and energy-related applications.

Shuttle Endeavour Ferry Flight Includes Houston Stopover

Space shuttle Endeavour is expected to visit Houston Sept. 17-19 and be available for public viewing on its way to permanent display in Los Angeles.

Space Shuttle Endeavour To Make Historic Final Ferry Flight

Space Shuttle Endeavour To Make Historic Final Ferry Flight


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