NASA's Super-Tiger Balloon Breaks Records While Collecting Data

A large NASA science balloon has broken two flight duration records while flying over Antarctica carrying an instrument that detected 50 million cosmic rays.

NASA Hosts Feb. 7 Media Teleconference On Asteroid Earth Flyby

NASA will hold a media teleconference at 2 p.m. EST, Thursday, Feb. 7, to discuss an asteroid 150-feet in diameter that will pass close, but safely, by Earth on Feb. 15.

Space Station Cargo Ship Flights to Be Broadcast on NASA TV

NASA Television will provide live coverage of the departure of one Russian cargo spacecraft at the International Space Station and the launch and arrival of another.

Space Invaders: How NASA Tech Infiltrates Your Daily Life

Pete Etchells is a lecturer in biological psychology based in Bristol, UK. He writes about science in the news at Counterbalanced, but secretly wishes he were an astronaut. You can find him on Twitter at @drpeteetchells.

I’m never taking a photo of myself and sticking it up on Facebook ever again. How could anyone possibly contemplate it, when they’ve got to compete with self-portraits like this one? Thanks NASA.

Really, there’s so much awesomeness in this photo. It’s a picture of a robot,

91. Ray Bradbury, Visionary Author

The lead scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Program describes Bradbury's formative influence.

Researchers create metamaterial that looks similar to 3D Minkowski spacetimes

(—Researchers from the University of Maryland and Towson University have created a new type of metamaterial that they describe as looking similar to 3D Minkowski spacetimes. In their paper, which they've uploaded to the preprint server arXiv, the researchers explain how the metamaterial can be adjusted to create a demonstration of a multiverse.

Researchers build bench size laser-pulsed neutron source

(—Researchers from Institut für Kernphysik in Germany, working with colleagues from Sandia National Laboratories and Los Alamos National Laboratory, have succeeded in building a compact neutron source small enough to be used in a conventional lab. It's based, the researchers report in their paper published in Physical Review Letters, on laser pulses directed onto a plastic target doped with deuterium atoms.

Quantum dots deliver vitamin D to tumors for possible inflammatory breast cancer treatment

Quantum dots can be used to rapidly move high concentrations of the active form of Vitamin D to targeted tumor sites where cancer cells accumulate.

An ideal material: Solving a mystery leads to the discovery of a true topological insulator

Experimentalists have recently confirmed that SmB6 is the first true 3D topological insulator —- as originally predicted by theorists in 2010. Topological insulators have been discussed widely as a new area of material science, with the potential to study quantum Hall physics and exotic states such as Majorana fermions. While this finding provides a conclusion to one mystery, it is also the beginning of a new chapter that will certainly lead to a clearer understanding of this strange physics and even new quantum devices.

North Carolina Students To Talk Live With NASA Space Station Astronaut

Students and teachers from the Triangle area of North Carolina will speak with NASA Expedition 34 flight engineer Tom Marshburn aboard the International Space Station at 10:15 a.m. EST, Tuesday, Feb. 5.


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