Powerful new tool is quantum analog of phase space flow

Physicists have found that a new powerful tool they call 'Wigner flow' is the quantum analog of phase space flow. Wigner flow provides information for quantum dynamics similar to that gleaned from phase space trajectories in classical physics. Wigner flow can be used for the visualization of quantum dynamics. Additionally, Wigner flow helps with the abstract analysis of quantum dynamics using topological methods.

The 2013 First Robotics Competition Kicks Off Saturday, Jan. 5

Saturday, Jan. 5, the FIRST Robotics Competition will launch its annual kickoff to thousands of excited high school students, teachers, mentors and volunteers.

X-ray laser research ranks in Science magazine's top 10

(—Research at SLAC's powerful X-ray laser that could lead to the development of specialized drugs to better combat African sleeping sickness has been recognized by Science magazine as one of the nine runners-up to its selected science "Breakthrough of the Year": the discovery of what appears to be the Higgs boson.

UV ray of hope for safer drinking water

(—A group of researchers from PML's Sensor Science Division is part of a project that will have a direct effect on improved safety of the nation's drinking water.

The 500 phases of matter: New system successfully classifies symmetry-protected phases

Forget solid, liquid, and gas: there are in fact more than 500 phases of matter. In a major new article scientists reveal a modern reclassification of all of them.

Physicists take photonic topological insulators to the next level

Researchers have designed a simulation that for the first time emulates key properties of electronic topological insulators. Topological insulators, a state of matter that was only discovered in the past decade, may enable dramatic advances in quantum computing and spintronics.

May the force be with the atomic probe

A new models suggest devising means of probing a surface at a sub-micrometric level as this will help us understand how electrons' diffusion affects long-range attractive forces. Theoretical physicists created models to study the attractive forces affecting atoms located at a wide range of distances from a surface, in the hundreds of nanometers range.

Higgs Boson tops journal Science's top 10 of 2012

The discovery of the Higgs Boson, an invisible particle that explains the mystery of mass, leads a list of the top 10 scientific advances of 2012 released Thursday by the US journal Science.

8. Mapping the Dark Cosmos

Dark matter—the unseen stuff that makes up more than four-fifths of the matter in the universe—is finally coming into view. What we see may change our entire picture of reality.

6. The Private Spaceflight Era Begins

Enterprising companies are jostling to conquer the new orbital economy.


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