This is the First Photo Ever Uploaded to the Web | Discoblog

Long, long ago, and far, far away—specifically, in the early 90s in Switzerland—computer scientists at CERN were test-driving a little something called the World Wide Web. And when the time came to test the thing’s capabilities with photographs, guess what happened to be on hand?
A Photoshop job of a group of CERN administrative assistants and significant others who sang physics-themed doo-wop. Sample lyric:

You never spend your nights with me
You don’t go out with other girls either
You only love your collider
(dip da-oo-yeah)

Abraham Riesman over at Motherboard has a great feature laying out the hilarious mundanities behind the Web’s first photo, from father-of-the-Web Tim Berners-Lee’s cross-dressing—”“I don’t know whether I should be telling you this, but he worked at CERN and I saw him because he was part of our pantomime in our amateur operatic society,” remembered Colette Marx-Nielsen, a Cernettes member (she’s second from the right in the photo). “He was the dame dressed as a woman.””—to CERN’s (still extant) Hardronic Music Festival, where the photo was snapped. It’s a truly entertaining read.
The most prophetic line: ““The Web, back in ’92 and ’93, was exclusively used by physicists,” de Gennaro recalled. “I was ...