Hubble Finds Hunks of Planet Orbiting Dead Stars

Pollution is a growing concern here on Earth, but in a nearby star cluster pollution is actually proving pretty useful. Astronomers analyzing Hubble data have found that a pair of white dwarfs — the tiny, final form most of the universe’s stars will assume — show signs of “pollution” from asteroid and planet-like debris falling upon them. The discovery not only underscores just how widespread rocky worlds are, but also opens the way to a new way of studying planet formation.

The two white

Heady mathematics: Describing popping bubbles in a foam

Two applied mathematicians have found a way to mathematically describe the evolution and disappearance of a foam. Using these equations, they were able to generate a movie that shows the complex draining, popping and rearrangement of these bubbles as the foam vanishes.

Scientists demonstrate pear shaped atomic nuclei

Scientists have shown that some atomic nuclei can assume the shape of a pear which contributes to our understanding of nuclear structure and the underlying fundamental interactions.

'Power plants': How to harvest electricity directly from plants

The sun provides the most abundant source of energy on the planet. However, only a tiny fraction of the solar radiation on Earth is converted into useful energy.

Device for portable, ultra-precise clocks and quantum sensors developed

Researchers have developed a portable way to produce ultracold atoms for quantum technology and quantum information processing.

NASA Partners With Ohio Non-Profit on Unmanned Air Challenge

NASA has selected Development Projects Inc. of Dayton, Ohio, to manage a new Centennial Challenge prize competition involving unmanned aircraft systems in 2014.

NASA Administrator Tours Advanced Aviation Technology At Langley, Meets Media Friday

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will see technologies NASA is developing to make flying and the national air transportation system safer, cleaner and more efficient during a trip to NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., Friday, May 10.

NASA Statement on New Manufacturing Innovation Institutes

The following is a statement from NASA Associate Administrator for Space Technology Michael Gazarik about Thursday's announcement from the Obama Administration that it is launching competitions to create three new manufacturing innovation institutes supported by five federal agencies -- NASA, the National Science Foundation and the departments of Defense, Energy, and Commerce.

NASA Commercial Partner Sierra Nevada Completes Safety Review

Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC) Space Systems of Louisville, Colo., has completed its first major, comprehensive safety review of its Dream Chaser Space System.

NASA Wins Prestigious Aerospace Industry Awards

Two prominent aerospace industry organizations are recognizing the contributions of NASA, especially the achievements of the team that landed NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars in August, with coveted awards.


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