Sofia Observations Reveal a Surprise in Massive Star Formation

Researchers using the airborne Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) have captured the most detailed mid-infrared images yet of a massive star condensing within a dense cocoon of dust and gas.

NASA Awards Cooperative Agreement for Internships

NASA's Office of Education has awarded a cooperative agreement to the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) to support the agency's education internship programs.

Photons run out of loopholes: Quantum world really is in conflict with our everyday experience

Physicists have carried out an experiment with photons in which they have closed an important loophole. The researchers have thus provided the most complete experimental proof that the quantum world is in conflict with our everyday experience.

Development of a superior random laser element using submicrometer-sized zinc oxide spherical particles

AIST researchers have demonstrated that when optical defect particles are introduced into a thin film made of homogenized zinc oxide (ZnO) particles obtained by the submicrometer-sized spherical particle production method (laser-induced melting method), the film functions as a random laser with superior lasing properties (Fig. 1).

'Spooky action at a distance' in the quantum world shortly before final proof

Physicists have succeeded in closing the last local realistic loophole for systems of entangled photons.

High glucose levels could impair ferroelectricity in body's connective tissues

High sugar levels in the body come at a cost to health. New research suggests that more sugar in the body could damage the elastic proteins that help us breathe and pump blood. The findings could have health implications for diabetics, who have high blood-glucose levels.

NASA Hosts Media Briefing to Discuss Kepler Planetary Discovery

NASA will host a news briefing at 2 p.m. EDT, Thursday, April 18, to announce new discoveries from the agency's Kepler mission.

NASA Funded Asteroid Tracking Sensor Passes Key Test

An infrared sensor that could improve NASA's future detecting and tracking of asteroids and comets has passed a critical design test.

NASA Marks Third Anniversary of Obama Support of Space at Kennedy

NASA marked the third anniversary Monday of President Obama's speech at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where he laid out a plan to ensure the United States will remain the world's leader in space exploration.

What Science Can Learn from "American Idol"

Although it's been fading steadily in the TV ratings (despite the best efforts of Nicki Minaj), American Idol remains a cultural touchstone, and for good reason. It casts a wide net in the search for quality; it creates intense performance pressure that weeds out weak performers; and it rewards contestants who are able to connect with a broad audience. For those reasons, I thought that American Idol would be the perfect template for a symposium on how to help scientists do a better job communica


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