Superconductor's magnetic persona unmasked

In the pantheon of unconventional superconductors, iron selenide is a rock star. But new experiments by physicists have found the material's magnetic persona to be unexpectedly mundane.

Thinking outside the box: 'Seeing' clearer and deeper into live organs

Scientists using a unique approach have developed a new biomedical imaging contrast agent. They say the breakthrough overcomes a major challenge to 'seeing' deeper into live tissue, and opens the way for significant improvements in optical imaging technology.

Room-temperature polariton nano-laser

Researchers have developed a polariton nano-laser operating at room temperature.

The way we define kilograms, meters and seconds changes today

We measure stuff all the time—how long, how heavy, how hot, and so on—because we need to for things such as trade, health and knowledge. But making sure our measurements compare apples with apples has been a challenge: how to know if my kilogram weight or meter length is the same as yours.

Meet the Mercury 13: Women Fight for Spaceflight

The Mercury 13 aced the same tests as male astronauts, but decades would pass before American women flew in space.

Training Apollo's First Lunar Scientists

Geologists played a key role in the Apollo program.

Legacy of Lunar Data: How Apollo Revealed our Moon

The mission data gathered remain the most valuable information we have about the history of the moon — and the solar system.

For Neil, Apollo Was the First Step in Humanity's Cosmic Migration

Neil Armstrong saw himself as an engineer first. But he also knew he was part of a long chain of human migration.

Apollo Astronauts, in Their Own Words

The astronauts who flew to the moon reflect on legacies, comfort and loneliness.

Adieu, Le Grand K: The kilogram to be redefined for the first time in 130 years

In a subterranean vault in a suburb of Paris lies a small, rarely seen metal cylinder known as Le Grand K.


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